by Disorder Faith

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We are opening the gates to a new Hell
feel free to enter and spread your wings
like you've never been able to do
this is the beginning of the end of days !

After 2 years working on it, finally this is finished


released June 13, 2014

I want to thank Daniel Pad from ES23 , Rex Hekse from H.EXE Thank you for collaboration on this EP , Eduardo Neira ( Eniac51) from Reaxion Guerrilla for the great work in the Mixing and Mastering, you're the master ! it was fun mixing with you, but you did everything at all. Thank you so much N Void DK for the great art work that you do ! Exsubte Reaxion Guerrilla , SynthetiC for your unconditional support !



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Disorder Faith Lima, Peru

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Track Name: Sacrilegious
I hate the religion.
I'm not interested(in)the sacred.

I'm a spy sent by lucifer.
I'm a soldier of the fucking hell.

You're a foolish for believing in pictures
Your soul will burn in the hell

Pray, pray .. for your life
In religions all will die

your answers are lies
Your smile is a lie

His lies make us fall
But the empire will fall (2x)

Rape! Die! Sacrilegious all will die ! (4x)
Track Name: The World of Thorns
In the mind of a stunned brain
born obscene obsessions
Murderer instinct flowing through your veins
without much discretion

No way! assassination !
No way! for mutilation ! (x2)

No hay salvador! estas sin tu dios
esto es deprimente
Entra en razón! no existe el perdon
del acto negligente

Join to my world
there is no savior
A world of blood and evil
The world of Thorns !
Track Name: My War
I want attention
to make a plan of salvation for me.
Is my fight,
The survival of every day
In conclusion, salvation for me.

The bloodshed
The strong pain
The bleeding
We fall

The bloodshed
The strong pain
We die

My war, never cry
I will fall, but not die.
My war, no salvation
is an abomination

But still
There is an option
to win this terrible war

The glory is at the end of the light
why ?!

My war (2x)

This is the end !
Track Name: Harsh Sex
Is our world, lust, drugs and more
The flesh is weak, the mind is perverse
Your god is blind, we burn in flames
Defile my soul, my head and my world

I see dirty pleasure
and my lack of kindness
is my fucking sickness
Die, die, motherfucker

Heroin, cocaine , methadone , ketamine
amphetamine , valium ,  ecstasy , LSD

Don't try to escape
is our world of hate! HARSH SEX (2x)